It is WOGCA’s mission to provide Christ-centered instruction while providing a rigorous and engaging educational experience for all learners.

Our goal is to develop our students to become critical thinkers while developing effective communicators of thought, science, and Biblical knowledge in every area of study.
Our goal is to prepare our graduates to become innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our global community.

Bible Curriculum

At WOGCA our daily goal is to integrate biblical knowledge and world history with exercises in application of the Word of God for their own lives.

The high school Bible curriculum used at WOGCA is Positive Actions for Christ.

Modes of instruction are listed however are not limited to the following examples:
 Project-based learning
 Book studies
 Group projects
 Speeches
 Participation in forums and panel discussions

Graduation Requirements

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, all high school students must meet minimum state graduation requirements to earn
a diploma and graduate. 

NCDPI has identified these requirements under the Future-Ready Course of Study (FRC).

All high school students attending WOGCA must earn at least 22 credits in the Future-Ready Course of Study and any additional local course requirements to graduate from WOGCA. 

A WOGCA course of study will be given to your students upon enrollment.