WOGCA Fee Schedule

Word of God Christian Academy High School Fee Schedule

I. Academy Registration


A. Due at the time of submitting the Application for Admissions).

II. Academy Resource Fee


A. Due at the time of Acceptance.

B. The Admitted Student can not receive his/her academic schedule until the Resource Fee has been paid in full. Once the Academy Resource Fee has been paid in full, the student will receive their academic schedule.

III. Academy Tuition

$6350.00 (for the year)

A. Tuition Installments are due every month between the 1st-5th of each month.

B. Installments are either on a 12 month installment plan ($530.00) or 10 month installment plan ($635.00). The 12 month installment plan is from (July-June). The 10 month installment plan is from (August-May).

C. 2020-2021 Tuition Installments (9 Month Installments): $705.55 (September-May)

IV. Miscellaneous Fees

A. Senior Graduation Fee ($200.00) is due in January (at or before the end of the month).

B. Early Withdrawal Fee ($250.00). This is due for any family who withdraw their child from the Academy. This fee is due upon the completion of the Early Withdrawal Request form. Records can not be released until this fee has been paid in full.

C. Athletic Fee ($125.00). This fee is due once a student has officially made one of the athletic teams. Student-Athletes are not permitted to participate on any athletic team, without paying the athletic fee.

Opportunity Scholarship

A. Word of God Christian Academy participates in the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Opportunity Scholarship Program is given by the state of North Carolina. This program awards funds to families who desires to place their child in a private school of their choice (website: ncseaa.edu). This organization awards $4200.00 to qualifying families.

B. Tuition Installments for Opportunity Scholarship Families: $2150/10 months=$215.00 per month.

C. All other fees mentioned in I-III must be paid in full before receiving an academic schedule.

D. Please contact the Finance Director at finance@wogfc.org or (919)834-1141 (Ext. 2222) for further financial specifics, if starting after August.


Before your child can receive their academic schedule the following must be paid:

1. Academy Registration Fee $200

2. Academy Resource Fee $600

3. 1st Month Tuition Installment $705.55

4. Total Amount Due: $1505.55